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Sale Deed

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A general person always have question about that like :



सेल दीड कहा बनावउ

कितना टाइम लगेगा

कोई गलत सेल दीड ना बना दे  etc

Don’t worry www.e-registry.in give you all solution of your document you can create your document without any body help and less than time.


A Sale Deed is a legal document that records the transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer. While preparing a Sale Deed, all the clauses of the Transfer of Property Act should be carefully examined and drafted to lessen the risks involved. The clauses should be drafted after understanding your requirements and liabilities.

Everywhere we hear phrases like renting out an apartment to a tenant, mortgaging land for purposes of loan, leasing out shops, buying real estate, etc. This demonstrates the various ways with which transactions revolve around the land. For doing such transactions, individuals/ companies/ government authorities may engage in transactions of buy and sell land and come across a legal transaction called a Sale Deed. It holds substantial value to buyers as well as sellers. Before we move on to understand the contents of the sale deed, let us first discuss what a sale deed is. 


What is a Sale Deed?

It is one of the most important legal documents required to be executed between the seller and the purchaser to complete the transaction at the time of purchasing of property. These parties are also referred to as the ‘grantor' and ‘grantee' in legal parlance. A sale deed indicates that the title of ownership has been transferred from the seller in favor of the buyer; or in simpler words, the ownership has been changed from the seller to the buyer.

So, a Sale Deed is essentially a document that there’s proof of such a transfer. Not only does it describe the property in detail, but it also outlines the rights and obligations of each party. 

The sale deed is made on a non-legal stamp paper of a value prescribed by the state government. Any person who is dealing with the property will come across a sale deed. Therefore, a precaution must be taken to not use a model or draft sale deed which is available at the first instance. This is because you may want certain clauses to be added, modified or deleted depending on the situation.


How to draft a Sale Deed Online

Steps involved in the transfer of property by way of Sale Deed are:

STEP 1: Go to website e-registry.in. or download the app here.

STEP 2: Select Sale Deed (विक्रय पत्र) option from Online services which you want to get document.

STEP 3: When you choose option you are redirect to Basic Registration page. Fill the information and submit.

STEP 4: Appear a form of chooses sale deed document. Fill all information correctly and submit.

STEP 5: After submission you will get sample preview of your document. If you are satisfied your document you can make payment and get document. You can modify details also from here.

STEP 6: You can view your all past created document from here.



 Documents Required for Sale Deed Registration

  • Draft of Sale Deed
  • Power of Attorney, if any
  • Building Plan sanctioned by the Statutory Authority
  • Allotment Letter from the Builder/Co-Operative Society/Housing Board
  • All title documents of the property owner
  • A Copy of all registered previous agreements (in case of resale property)
  • Latest tax paid receipts
  • Latest electricity bill & receipt for the said property (in case of resale property)
  • NOC from Apartment Association (in case of resale property)






Types of Sale Deed You can create from Here



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